【雙語】文創PLUS臺南生活設計松 市民提案形塑城市願景

文創PLUS臺南生活設計松 市民提案形塑城市願景

Citizens Shared Their Visions for the City in Tainan Life Designathon


10 teams brainstormed to find action plans for a better life in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the city




Creative Tainan project team of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government held a Tainan Life Designathon workshop at Tainan Cultural and Creative Park on 9/19 (Sat) and 9/20 (Sun). The workshop adopted participatory design, and invited the general public to propose urban life solutions based on social design and incorporating creativity and Tainan's cultural essence and develop implementation plans for their bold imagination, which would offer a better future for Tainan in commemoration of its 400th anniversary in 2024.




On the first day of the workshop, manager Min-Zhen Pan of Hayashi Office and director Shen-Tsung Yu of AFCO&CO were invited to share practical placemaking cases at home and abroad and the 400-year historical context of Tainan.  Nearly 40 participants were divided into 10 teams, and they incorporated design thinking into their bold proposals for the food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment activities of daily living of Tainan.  In the event, interactive artist Mich Tsai also demonstrated Future Design Thinking Board Game from England to help participants think outside the box and explore creativity.  After two days of intensive discussion and conception, each team presented its design plans, such as the preservation of Sicao Wetlands in terms of the environmental issues, a pop-up guide to Snail Alley in terms of the public space issues, Story-Telling Street -- an interactive historical old street screen, seamless bus schedule for traffic issues, Taiwanese language studio in terms of the education issues, community markets to facilitate interactions and others, showing the younger generation's attention to urban revitalization and cultural heritage.  The event organizer also invited Ms. Wan-Yi Hong, the section chief of the Humanities Section of West-Central District Office of Tainan City, Mr. Chi-Wei Chang, co-founder of Mango Games Studio, representative from the Cultural Creativity Section of Cultural Affairs Bureau and experts from various fields to serve in the review committee to offer recommendations to the teams and cultivate potential design talents.




The representative of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government said that the creative proposals from teams at the Designathon fully showed their expectations and care for Tainan.  There are amazing ideas in terms of improvements for urban environment, communication between generations or placemaking topics, and it is hoped that these great ideas will be turned into reality one day.  The 2020 Tainan Design Award uses "Making the Life Better" as the core element of creativity and encourages the public to adopt the value of design thinking for daily lives and collaboration to solve social issues in Tainan.  The competition also responds to the various challenges and changes amid the current pandemic.  The deadline for the application submission to the competition ends on September 30.  The participating teams in the Designathon are also welcomed to take this opportunity to offer their proposals to the Concept Category.  For information related to the event, please visit the fan pages of Creative Tainan and Tainan Design Week at https://www.facebook.com/TDWEEK/ or contact the project coordinator at (06) 221-3211.


圖1: 林事務所-潘旻真經理分享生活體驗與在地設計的案例

Photo 1: Min-Zhen Pan, manager of Hayashi Office, sharing examples of life experience and local design.


圖2: 分組學員討論臺南城市意象的生活設計概念提案

Photo 2: Team members discussing their concept proposals of daily living design based on the city image of Tainan.


圖3: 組員成果說明分享概念計畫

Photo 3: Team members sharing the results of their concept plans.


圖4: 參與學員與業界評審顧問合影留念

Photo 4: Group photo of participants and review judges from the industry.







Department: Cultural Creativity Section of Cultural Affairs Bureau

Contact: Chung-Hui Li

Telephone: (06) 214-9510, ext. 12

e-mail: brtas2000@mail.tainan.gov.tw